Broadband Anywhere - try us!

We might offer 20Mbps with FREE installation if you are eligible for a BDUK grant.

Bush Broadband is pushing fast internet connections (15Mbps and more) further than some companies by using small radios which can transmit broadband signals over several kilometres.

We connect remote homes, offices and rural communities using a radio network.  We provide internet access via a range of UK ISPs.

Click here if you are a Community wanting Fast Broadband? Click here if you are a Single Property wanting Fast Broadband?

See Resources for our price plans, details of grants available and further information.


New - "Interim Broadband" Package

If you are waiting for BT or another supplier to install a service or a cabinet near you, why not sign up to a rolling one month contract for "Interim Broadband"? 

  • *   Unlimited, measured, fast broadband for £1.50 per GB
  • *   £200 plus VAT installation 
  • *   £100 plus VAT refundable deposit for the loan of a Bush Broadband radio


As with all radio-based systems, service may be affected by a number of factors, such as nearby buildings, tree cover, weather conditions and how many other people are using the network too.