We have three common solutions to help provide faster broadband services for both communities/hamlets and for single/isolated properties.

1.  Communities / Hamlets

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With a cluster of 6 or more customers with clear line of sight to one another we might be able to offer broadband on 4 user categories:

  • Light user (20GB per month) £20 per month plus VAT  
  • Regular user (50GB per month) £30 per month plus VAT 
  • Heavy user (unlimited data) £40 per month plus VAT  (subject to a fair use policy to protect other community members)
  • Super user (hotels and camp sites with multiple users) £POA per month plus VAT 

Set-up costs for a configured radio and installation from £350 plus VAT  (PAY ONLY THE VAT if you are eligible for a BDUK grant)

Customers have measured broadband use, we do not mind if customers occasionally exceed their guideline allowance, if it happens often we will ask them to move up to the next user category.

For small communities with difficult geography the installation costs could be greater to cover the infrastructure to take a broadband signal into the community.

We normally ask for a community deposit to cover installation costs.

2.  Single/Isolated Properties

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We can install a temporary radio on your property to give you fast broadband – and switch this to our cheaper dedicated communty radio service once enough neighbours are interested (see above for details, £50 plus VAT switching fee).

£350 plus VAT installation or just pay the VAT (if you are eligible for a BDUK grant)

Monthly costs for fast broadband:

  • *   £40 plus VAT per month for a 50GB allowance
  • *   £50 plus VAT for unlimited contracts where available
  • Various contracts available for capped broadband or broadband and unlimited phone use - see resources section for prices and click on the "Register" Link above to make an enquiry without commitment. 
  • The mobile broadband prices change regularly, please confirm costs when you order.

Alternatively we can install a voice over IP system (VoIP) and let you keep your exisiting 01---- phone number but use if over the internet.  Ask for details.


3.  New - Interim Broadband Package

If you are waiting for BT to install a cabinet near you or another supplier to provide faster broadband, you can sign up to a rolling one month contract for "Interim Broadband".  Unlimited, fast, measured broadband for £1.50 per GB.  £200 plus VAT installation and a £100 plus VAT refundable deposit for the loan of a Bush Broadband radio.

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