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RadioFibre offer fast internet connections to rural locations amongst many other broadband and telephony solutions.


As registered suppliers with the UK Gigabit Voucher programme (UKGV) through Building Digital UK (BDUK) under the Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) RadioFibre can offer subsidised installations of Gigabit capable broadband networks using a combination of full fibre optics and cutting edge Gigabit capable radios. If you are not eligible for subsidised installation we can also offer paid for solutions using our RadioWave networks. Whatever your situation or location we have a fast broadband solution.


We install security systems in remote locations including residential, business and agricultural properties. We can also install solar/wind powered systems in extreme locations including game rearing pens, stables, remote workshops, storage facilities, holiday homes and on remote gates and access lanes. There has not yet been a remote location that we have failed to power a broadband security system.


Fone is our voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephone system which works over a broadband connection instead of the copper wires on the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS). You can transfer your landline telephone number and save money too with our unlimited calls and text packages.

We are also an approved installer for Connecting Devon & Somerset's (CDS) Mobile Booster project. Please click here to read more details and links to appy for voucher funding.



Stay Connected


Whatever your requirements, Stay Connected Systems can develop a technological solution to meet your needs. If you want to give visitors access to customised content on their own mobile phones in their own language, we have developed a number of innovative solutions for both urban and rural sites.


As our society is looking for more cashless transaction opportunities, we have developed a number of remote rural solutions to enable financial transactions with COVID-19 protocols in mind.


coffee vendors   -   beach cafes & restaurants   -   surf hire shops   -   beach car parks


forestry vendors   -   forest activity providers   -   reservoir activity centres   -   forestry car parks


Parking is becoming an increasingly difficult issue in remote rural areas with vandalism and non-payment being regular occurrences. We have been developing remote rural number plate recognition services to allow nature reserves and heritage sites to charge for parking to non-members, driving both revenue and membership subscriptions of their organisations.